This page contains information on the various build services that are provided to all ASF projects for continuous integration, builds, testing, snapshots and deployment.

Projects therefore have a choice, you can choose to utilise any or all of the services provided should that make sense. See the More Information section for how to subscribe to one list that all these services are subscribed to.


Buildbot is a python based third party open source software chosen by the infrastructure team to provide extra build services to any Apache project that wants to utilise it.

Currently Buildbot is housed on thirteen machines/VMs:

  • aegis: Ubuntu Master (running on a Dell r710 with 24GB RAM)
  • ceres: Ubuntu Slave 1 (Donated by Yahoo!)
  • isis: Ubuntu Slave 2 (Donated by Yahoo!)
  • bb-vm1: Ubuntu Slave 3 (VM run on a VMware Server)
  • hemera: Ubuntu Slave 4 (Running on a (Donated by) HP Server)
  • bb-2008: Windows 2008 (Standard) Server (VM run on Nyx VMware Server)
  • bb-solaris: Solaris Zone (Zone running on Gaea master server)
  • bb-fbsd: FreeBSD 8 (VM run on a VMware Server)
  • bb-fedora: Fedora Core (VM run on a VMware Server)
  • bb-win7: Windows 7 Ultimate (VM run on Nyx VMware Server)
  • bb-cms: FreeBSD 8 (Jail hosted on baldr) Dedicated to CMS builds only
  • bb-osx-slave: OSX Server Adam (Dedicated OSX XServe donated by Apple)
  • bb-openbsd: OpenBSD 4.9 (VM run on a VMWare Server)
with plans to expand to more platforms.

For a detailed list of what Buildbot can do for your project, see the main Buildbot page for more info.


Apache Continuum is an in-house software project. [more to follow...]


Apache Gump is a cross-project continuous integration server. It is different from "usual" CI servers in that it expects the individual project builds to succeed; its purpose is to check the integration of a project with the latest code rather than a fixed version of the project's dependencies. If you want a more traditional nightly build server Gump is not for you. Use Gump if you want to know when a change in your dependencies breaks your project or when your changes break other projects.

Gump is written in Python and supports several build tools (shell scripts, GNU make, Ant, Maven 1.x and 2.x and NAnt) and version control systems (svn, CVS, git, bzr, hg, darcs and Perforce). The Apache installation of Gump builds many ASF projects and their dependencies. It started in the Java part of the foundation but also builds projects like APR, HTTPd and log4net.


The ASF runs a Jenkins continuous-integration server at The Jenkins setup consists of a master server running on an Ubuntu machine (Aegis) and several build slave servers, including five Ubuntu slaves, FreeBSD and Windows slaves, two Solaris slaves and an OSX Apple XServe. Thanks go to Apple, Yahoo! and HP for donating some of these slaves!

Any ASF project can run build and test tasks for their projects in Jenkins. See the wiki page for more information.

More Information

There is a mailing list setup to handle everything build related for all of the build service platforms mentioned above. Those involved with projects are encouraged to sign up.

There are admins from all above services signed up to the list and where applicable to them - and in their own volunteer time, will help with your queries.