RAT Reports summaries for participating projects

The table below gathers information from existing individual project RAT reports and displays them in a handy condensed information table. The Project names are linked to the original RAT report that was produced by Buildbot and RAT on behalf of the project.

Should your project be listed below and has unknown/unlicensed entries, visit the individual report to get a detailed list of files without recognised license headers. See more information below the table on how to get this report list down to 0 unknown/unlicensed entries.

Table 1: A snapshot summary of all particpating projects RAT reports.
Project Notes Binaries Archives Standards Apache Licensed Generated Documents Unknown/Unlicensed
bloodhound 7 11 0 330 330 0 0
cayenne 8 118 2 2809 2777 0 13
jmeter 10 474 101 1419 1398 0 21
lucy 13 0 0 835 835 0 0
ofbiz 54 10042 266 7246 4956 0 2273
openoffice 118 2829 8 40830 40797 0 30
pdfbox 23 111 1 1204 1098 0 106
subversion 28 5 46 1601 1572 0 23


This page is automatically regenerated every hour. The table above is updated with the latest information from any RAT reports performed during this time. Only participating projects RAT reports are included here. Some projects prefer to have their own RAT reports generated independantly.Participating projects include both Incubating and Top Level Projects.

The accuracy of the report summary results in the table above are only as accurate as the projects make them. Most projects make use of a 'rat excludes' file to reduce the number of false positives in a report. The number may be accurate according to some projects whilst others may still need to use or tweak a rat excludes file, balancing this by reducing positives with the adding of appropriate license headers.

More Information

So, you want to reduce your unknown/unlicensed count to zero (0) , heres how...

DO please add License Headers to your source files where you possibly can. DO NOT just exclude every possible file in your rat-excludes file just to get count down to zero (0).

More Reading and links

Take a look at some working rat excludes files for Apache Subversion , Libcloud and Forrest.

For more information on the RAT automation tool visit the project website and/or join their dev mailing list.

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