Welcome to the ASF Buildbot instance. Projects are welcome to sign up to have their projects make use of Buildbot.

Here's a summary of some of the things the ASF Buildbot can do for your project:

  • Perform per commit build & test runs for your project.
  • Not just svn! - Buildbot can pull in from your Git/Mercurial branches, too!
  • Build and deploy your website to a staging area for review.
  • Automatically build and deploy snapshots to Nexus staging area.
  • Create nightly and historical zipped/tarred snapshot builds for download.
  • Builds can be triggered manually from your own freenode #IRC Channel.
  • An IRCBot can report instantly on success/failure of a build.
  • Build success/failure reports can go to your dev/notification mailing list.
  • Perform multiple builds of an svn/git commit on multiple platforms asyncronously.
  • ASF Buildbot uses the latest RAT build to check for license header issues for all your files.
    • RAT Reports are published live instantly to$project/rat-report.[xml|html]
    • As indicated above, source xml or html versions of RAT reports are published.

Don't see a feature that you need? Join the mailing list and request it now, or file a Jira Ticket.

Help is always on hand on the mailing list for any problems or build configuration issues/requests. Or try the #asftest channel on for live support.

So now you want your project to use Buildbot? No problem! File a Jira Ticket. It won't be long before you are up and running).

Links to views of build results and build information