This documentation is for an out-of-date version of Apache Flink. We recommend you use the latest stable version.


Apache Flink is a platform for efficient, distributed, general-purpose data processing. It features powerful programming abstractions in Java and Scala, a high-performance runtime, and automatic program optimization. It has native support for iterations, incremental iterations, and programs consisting of large DAGs of operations.

If you quickly want to try out the system, please look at one of the available quickstarts. For a thorough introduction of the Flink API please refer to the Programming Guide.


This is an overview of Flinkā€™s stack. Click on any component to go to the respective documentation.


Graph API: Gelly Flink ML Table DataSet API (Java/Scala) DataStream API (Java/Scala) Flink Runtime Local Remote Embedded YARN Tez


This documentation is for Apache Flink version 0.9.1, which is the current development version of the next upcoming major release of Apache Flink.

You can download the latest pre-built snapshot version from the downloads page of the project website.

The Scala API uses Scala 2.10. Please make sure to use a compatible version.