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3 struct dir_config {
4  const char *temp_dir;
7 };
9 /* The "warehouse", stored in r->request_config */
16 };
18 /* Tracks the apreq filter state */
19 struct filter_ctx {
20  apr_bucket_brigade *bb; /* input brigade that's passed to the parser */
21  apr_bucket_brigade *bbtmp; /* temporary copy of bb, destined for the spool */
22  apr_bucket_brigade *spool; /* copied prefetch data for downstream filters */
29  apr_uint64_t bytes_read; /* Total bytes read into this filter. */
30  apr_uint64_t read_limit; /* Max bytes the filter may show to parser */
32  const char *temp_dir;
33 };
38  ap_input_mode_t mode,
39  apr_read_type_e block,
40  apr_off_t readbytes);
46 static void apreq_filter_relocate(ap_filter_t *f)
47 {
48  request_rec *r = f->r;
50  if (f != r->input_filters) {
51  ap_filter_t *top = r->input_filters;
53  r->input_filters = f;
54  f->next = top;
55  }
56 }
size_t apr_size_t
Definition: apr.h:393
input filtering modes
Definition: util_filter.h:41
apr_bucket_brigade * bb
Definition: apreq_private_apache2.h:20
request_rec * r
Definition: util_filter.h:294
apr_status_t filter_error
Definition: apreq_private_apache2.h:28
void ap_remove_input_filter(ap_filter_t *f)
const char * temp_dir
Definition: apreq_private_apache2.h:4
Definition: apreq_parser.h:93
The representation of a filter chain.
Definition: util_filter.h:278
apr_uint64_t read_limit
Definition: apreq_private_apache2.h:5
Definition: apreq_parser.h:83
apr_table_t * body
Definition: apreq_private_apache2.h:26
apreq_hook_t * hook_queue
Definition: apreq_private_apache2.h:24
Definition: apr_buckets.h:258
Definition: apreq_module.h:41
apr_uint64_t bytes_read
Definition: apreq_private_apache2.h:29
apreq_parser_t * parser
Definition: apreq_private_apache2.h:23
apreq_hook_t * find_param
Definition: apreq_private_apache2.h:25
apr_status_t args_status
Definition: apreq_private_apache2.h:14
apr_size_t brigade_limit
Definition: apreq_private_apache2.h:31
apr_bucket_brigade * bb
Definition: mod_dav.h:555
uint64_t apr_uint64_t
Definition: apr.h:386
apreq_handle_t handle
Definition: apreq_private_apache2.h:11
Definition: apreq_private_apache2.h:3
apr_status_t body_status
Definition: apreq_private_apache2.h:27
#define APR_INLINE
Definition: apr.h:65
request_rec * r
Definition: apreq_private_apache2.h:12
Definition: apr_buckets.h:57
Definition: macros.h:16
A structure that represents the current request.
Definition: httpd.h:860
Definition: apreq_private_apache2.h:10
ap_filter_t * f
Definition: apreq_private_apache2.h:15
Definition: apreq_private_apache2.h:19
struct apr_table_t apr_table_t
Definition: apr_tables.h:56
void apreq_filter_init_context(ap_filter_t *f)
apr_uint64_t read_limit
Definition: apreq_private_apache2.h:30
apr_table_t * jar
Definition: apreq_private_apache2.h:13
apr_status_t jar_status
Definition: apreq_private_apache2.h:14
const char * temp_dir
Definition: apreq_private_apache2.h:32
Definition: http_config.h:355
ap_filter_t * next
Definition: util_filter.h:288
int apr_status_t
Definition: apr_errno.h:44
request_rec * r
Definition: mod_dav.h:518
void apreq_filter_make_context(ap_filter_t *f)
apr_status_t apreq_filter_prefetch(ap_filter_t *f, apr_off_t readbytes)
apr_table_t * args
Definition: apreq_private_apache2.h:13
module AP_MODULE_DECLARE_DATA apreq_module
struct ap_filter_t * input_filters
Definition: httpd.h:1087
apr_size_t brigade_limit
Definition: apreq_private_apache2.h:6
apr_bucket_brigade * spool
Definition: apreq_private_apache2.h:22
off_t apr_off_t
Definition: apr.h:395
apr_status_t apreq_filter(ap_filter_t *f, apr_bucket_brigade *bb, ap_input_mode_t mode, apr_read_type_e block, apr_off_t readbytes)
apr_bucket_brigade * bbtmp
Definition: apreq_private_apache2.h:21