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Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
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|o*ap_compat.hRedefine Apache 1.3 symbols
|o*ap_config.hSymbol export macros and hook functions
|o*ap_config_layout.hApache Config Layout
|o*ap_expr.hExpression parser
|o*ap_hooks.hAp hook functions and macros
|o*ap_listen.hApache Listeners Library
|o*ap_mmn.hModule Magic Number
|o*ap_mpm.hApache Multi-Processing Module library
|o*ap_provider.hApache Provider API
|o*ap_regex.hApache Regex defines
|o*ap_regkey.hAPR-style Win32 Registry Manipulation
|o*ap_release.hVersion Release defines
|o*ap_slotmem.hMemory Slot Extension Storage Module for Apache
|o*ap_socache.hSmall object cache provider interface
|o*apreq.hMain header file...Define the common data structures
|o*apreq_cookie.hCookies and Jars.apreq_cookie.h describes a common server-side API for request (incoming) and response (outgoing) cookies. It aims towards compliance with the standard cookie specifications listed below
|o*apreq_error.hError status codes.Define the APREQ_ error codes
|o*apreq_module.hModule API
|o*apreq_param.hRequest parsing and parameter API
|o*apreq_parser.hRequest body parser API
|o*apreq_util.hUtility functions for apreq
|o*heartbeat.hCommun structures for mod_heartmonitor.c and mod_lbmethod_heartbeat.c
|o*http_config.hApache Configuration
|o*http_connection.hApache connection library
|o*http_core.hCORE HTTP Daemon
|o*http_log.hApache Logging library
|o*http_main.hCommand line options
|o*http_protocol.hHTTP protocol handling
|o*http_request.hApache Request library
|o*http_vhost.hVirtual Host package
|o*httpd.hHTTP Daemon routines
|o*mod_auth.hAuthentication and Authorization Extension for Apache
|o*mod_core.hMod_core private header file
|o*mod_request.hMod_request private header file
|o*mpm_common.hMulti-Processing Modules functions
|o*scoreboard.hApache scoreboard library
|o*util_cfgtree.hConfig Tree Package
|o*util_charset.hCharset conversion
|o*util_cookies.hApache cookie library
|o*util_ebcdic.hUtilities for EBCDIC conversion
|o*util_fcgi.hFastCGI protocol definitions and support routines
|o*util_filter.hApache filter library
|o*util_ldap.hApache LDAP library
|o*util_md5.hApache MD5 library
|o*util_mutex.hApache Mutex support library
|o*util_script.hApache script tools
|o*util_time.hApache date-time handling functions
|o*util_varbuf.hApache resizable variable length buffer library
|\*util_xml.hApache XML library
|o*core.hCore private declarations
|o*mpm_fdqueue.hFd queue declarations
|\*suexec.hUser-definable variables for the suexec wrapper code. (See README.configure on how to customize these variables.)