Command line options
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#define AP_SERVER_BASEARGS   "C:c:D:d:E:e:f:vVlLtTSMh?X"


int ap_signal_server (int *status, apr_pool_t *pool)


AP_DECLARE_DATA const char * ap_server_argv0
AP_DECLARE_DATA const char * ap_server_root
AP_DECLARE_DATA const char * ap_runtime_dir
AP_DECLARE_DATA server_recap_server_conf
AP_DECLARE_DATA apr_pool_tap_pglobal
AP_DECLARE_DATA int ap_main_state
AP_DECLARE_DATA int ap_run_mode
AP_DECLARE_DATA int ap_config_generation
AP_DECLARE_DATA apr_array_header_tap_server_pre_read_config
AP_DECLARE_DATA apr_array_header_tap_server_post_read_config
AP_DECLARE_DATA apr_array_header_tap_server_config_defines
AP_DECLARE_DATA int ap_document_root_check

Detailed Description

Macro Definition Documentation

#define AP_SERVER_BASEARGS   "C:c:D:d:E:e:f:vVlLtTSMh?X"

AP_SERVER_BASEARGS is the command argument list parsed by http_main.c in apr_getopt() format. Use this for default'ing args that the MPM can safely ignore and pass on from its rewrite_args() handler.

Function Documentation

int ap_signal_server ( int status,
apr_pool_t pool 

An optional function to send signal to server on presence of '-k' command line argument.

statusThe exit status after sending signal
poolMemory pool to allocate from

Variable Documentation

AP_DECLARE_DATA int ap_config_generation

run mode (normal, config test, config dump, ...)

AP_DECLARE_DATA int ap_document_root_check

Available integer for using the -T switch

AP_DECLARE_DATA int ap_main_state

state of the server (startup, exiting, ...)

global pool, for access prior to creation of server_rec

AP_DECLARE_DATA int ap_run_mode

run mode (normal, config test, config dump, ...)

AP_DECLARE_DATA const char* ap_runtime_dir

The global server's DefaultRuntimeDir This is not usable directly in the general case; use ap_runtime_dir_relative() instead.

AP_DECLARE_DATA const char* ap_server_argv0

The name of the Apache executable

AP_DECLARE_DATA server_rec* ap_server_conf

The global server's server_rec

AP_DECLARE_DATA apr_array_header_t* ap_server_config_defines

An array of all -D defines on the command line. This allows users to effect the server based on command line options. A module which adds to this array must allocate the new element value from same pool as the array (->pool in the array header).

AP_DECLARE_DATA apr_array_header_t* ap_server_post_read_config

An array of all -c directives. These are processed after the server's config file

AP_DECLARE_DATA apr_array_header_t* ap_server_pre_read_config

An array of all -C directives. These are processed before the server's config file

AP_DECLARE_DATA const char* ap_server_root

The global server's ServerRoot