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Collaboration diagram for mod_crypto:


apr_status_t ap_hook_crypto_key (request_rec *r, apr_crypto_block_key_type_t *cipher, apr_crypto_block_key_mode_t *mode, int pad, const apr_crypto_key_rec_t **rec)
apr_status_t ap_hook_crypto_iv (request_rec *r, apr_crypto_block_key_type_t *cipher, const unsigned char **iv)


module AP_MODULE_DECLARE_DATA crypto_module

Detailed Description

Function Documentation

apr_status_t ap_hook_crypto_iv ( request_rec r,
apr_crypto_block_key_type_t cipher,
const unsigned char **  iv 

Hook to provide an initialization vector (IV).

rThe request
sizeThe block size of the expected IV.
ivA pointer to where the iv will be returned
apr_status_t ap_hook_crypto_key ( request_rec r,
apr_crypto_block_key_type_t cipher,
apr_crypto_block_key_mode_t mode,
int  pad,
const apr_crypto_key_rec_t **  rec 

Hook to provide a key.

rThe request
cipherThe cipher to use with this key
recPointer to the key record from which to derive the key

Variable Documentation

The name of the module.