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h2_conn_io.h File Reference
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Data Structures

struct  h2_conn_io


apr_status_t h2_conn_io_init (h2_conn_io *io, conn_rec *c, server_rec *s)
apr_status_t h2_conn_io_write (h2_conn_io *io, const char *buf, size_t length)
apr_status_t h2_conn_io_pass (h2_conn_io *io, apr_bucket_brigade *bb)
apr_status_t h2_conn_io_flush (h2_conn_io *io)
int h2_conn_io_needs_flush (h2_conn_io *io)

Function Documentation

apr_status_t h2_conn_io_flush ( h2_conn_io io)

Pass any buffered data on to the connection output filters.

iothe connection io
flushif a flush bucket should be appended to any output
apr_status_t h2_conn_io_init ( h2_conn_io io,
conn_rec c,
server_rec s 
int h2_conn_io_needs_flush ( h2_conn_io io)

Check if the buffered amount of data needs flushing.

apr_status_t h2_conn_io_pass ( h2_conn_io io,
apr_bucket_brigade bb 
apr_status_t h2_conn_io_write ( h2_conn_io io,
const char *  buf,
size_t  length 

Append data to the buffered output.

bufthe data to append
lengththe length of the data to append