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h2_ctx.h File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  h2_ctx


typedef struct h2_ctx h2_ctx


h2_ctxh2_ctx_get (const conn_rec *c, int create)
void h2_ctx_clear (const conn_rec *c)
h2_ctxh2_ctx_rget (const request_rec *r)
h2_ctxh2_ctx_create_for (const conn_rec *c, struct h2_task *task)
h2_ctxh2_ctx_protocol_set (h2_ctx *ctx, const char *proto)
h2_ctxh2_ctx_server_update (h2_ctx *ctx, server_rec *s)
void h2_ctx_session_set (h2_ctx *ctx, struct h2_session *session)
const char * h2_ctx_protocol_get (const conn_rec *c)
struct h2_sessionh2_ctx_get_session (conn_rec *c)
struct h2_taskh2_ctx_get_task (conn_rec *c)

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct h2_ctx h2_ctx

The h2 module context associated with a connection.

It keeps track of the different types of connections:

  • those from clients that use HTTP/2 protocol
  • those from clients that do not use HTTP/2
  • those created by ourself to perform work on HTTP/2 streams

Function Documentation

void h2_ctx_clear ( const conn_rec c)
h2_ctx* h2_ctx_create_for ( const conn_rec c,
struct h2_task task 
h2_ctx* h2_ctx_get ( const conn_rec c,
int  create 

Get (or create) a h2 context record for this connection.

cthe connection to look at
create!= 0 iff missing context shall be created
h2 context of this connection
struct h2_session* h2_ctx_get_session ( conn_rec c)
struct h2_task* h2_ctx_get_task ( conn_rec c)
const char* h2_ctx_protocol_get ( const conn_rec c)

Get the h2 protocol negotiated for this connection, or NULL.

h2_ctx* h2_ctx_protocol_set ( h2_ctx ctx,
const char *  proto 
h2_ctx* h2_ctx_rget ( const request_rec r)
h2_ctx* h2_ctx_server_update ( h2_ctx ctx,
server_rec s 
void h2_ctx_session_set ( h2_ctx ctx,
struct h2_session session