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h2_h2.h File Reference

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const char * h2_h2_err_description (unsigned int h2_error)
apr_status_t h2_h2_init (apr_pool_t *pool, server_rec *s)
int h2_h2_is_tls (conn_rec *c)
void h2_h2_register_hooks (void)
int h2_is_acceptable_connection (conn_rec *c, request_rec *r, int require_all)
int h2_allows_h2_upgrade (request_rec *r)


const char * h2_clear_protos []
const char * h2_tls_protos []

Function Documentation

int h2_allows_h2_upgrade ( request_rec r)

Check if the "Upgrade" HTTP/1.1 mode of protocol switching is enabled for the given request.

rthe request to check
!= 0 iff Upgrade switching is enabled
const char* h2_h2_err_description ( unsigned int  h2_error)

Provide a user readable description of the HTTP/2 error code-

h2_errorhttp/2 error code, as in rfc 7540, ch. 7
textual description of code or that it is unknown.
apr_status_t h2_h2_init ( apr_pool_t pool,
server_rec s 
int h2_h2_is_tls ( conn_rec c)
void h2_h2_register_hooks ( void  )
int h2_is_acceptable_connection ( conn_rec c,
request_rec r,
int  require_all 

Check if the given connection fulfills the requirements as configured.

cthe connection
require_all!= 0 iff any missing connection properties make the test fail. For example, a cipher might not have been selected while the handshake is still ongoing.
!= 0 iff connection requirements are met

Variable Documentation

const char* h2_clear_protos[]

List of ALPN protocol identifiers that we support in cleartext negotiations. NULL terminated.

const char* h2_tls_protos[]

List of ALPN protocol identifiers that we support in TLS encrypted negotiations. NULL terminated.