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h2_ngn_shed.h File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  h2_ngn_shed


typedef struct h2_ngn_shed h2_ngn_shed
typedef apr_status_t h2_shed_ngn_init (h2_req_engine *engine, const char *id, const char *type, apr_pool_t *pool, apr_size_t req_buffer_size, request_rec *r, h2_output_consumed **pconsumed, void **pbaton)


const char * h2_req_engine_get_id (h2_req_engine *engine)
int h2_req_engine_is_shutdown (h2_req_engine *engine)
void h2_req_engine_out_consumed (h2_req_engine *engine, conn_rec *c, apr_off_t bytes)
h2_ngn_shedh2_ngn_shed_create (apr_pool_t *pool, conn_rec *c, int default_capactiy, apr_size_t req_buffer_size)
void h2_ngn_shed_destroy (h2_ngn_shed *shed)
void h2_ngn_shed_set_ctx (h2_ngn_shed *shed, void *user_ctx)
voidh2_ngn_shed_get_ctx (h2_ngn_shed *shed)
h2_ngn_shedh2_ngn_shed_get_shed (struct h2_req_engine *ngn)
void h2_ngn_shed_abort (h2_ngn_shed *shed)
apr_status_t h2_ngn_shed_push_request (h2_ngn_shed *shed, const char *ngn_type, request_rec *r, h2_shed_ngn_init *init_cb)
apr_status_t h2_ngn_shed_pull_request (h2_ngn_shed *shed, h2_req_engine *pub_ngn, int capacity, int want_shutdown, request_rec **pr)
apr_status_t h2_ngn_shed_done_task (h2_ngn_shed *shed, struct h2_req_engine *ngn, struct h2_task *task)
void h2_ngn_shed_done_ngn (h2_ngn_shed *shed, struct h2_req_engine *ngn)

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct h2_ngn_shed h2_ngn_shed
typedef apr_status_t h2_shed_ngn_init(h2_req_engine *engine, const char *id, const char *type, apr_pool_t *pool, apr_size_t req_buffer_size, request_rec *r, h2_output_consumed **pconsumed, void **pbaton)

Function Documentation

void h2_ngn_shed_abort ( h2_ngn_shed shed)
h2_ngn_shed* h2_ngn_shed_create ( apr_pool_t pool,
conn_rec c,
int  default_capactiy,
apr_size_t  req_buffer_size 
void h2_ngn_shed_destroy ( h2_ngn_shed shed)
void h2_ngn_shed_done_ngn ( h2_ngn_shed shed,
struct h2_req_engine ngn 
apr_status_t h2_ngn_shed_done_task ( h2_ngn_shed shed,
struct h2_req_engine ngn,
struct h2_task task 
void* h2_ngn_shed_get_ctx ( h2_ngn_shed shed)
h2_ngn_shed* h2_ngn_shed_get_shed ( struct h2_req_engine ngn)
apr_status_t h2_ngn_shed_pull_request ( h2_ngn_shed shed,
h2_req_engine pub_ngn,
int  capacity,
int  want_shutdown,
request_rec **  pr 
apr_status_t h2_ngn_shed_push_request ( h2_ngn_shed shed,
const char *  ngn_type,
request_rec r,
h2_shed_ngn_init init_cb 
void h2_ngn_shed_set_ctx ( h2_ngn_shed shed,
void user_ctx 
const char* h2_req_engine_get_id ( h2_req_engine engine)
int h2_req_engine_is_shutdown ( h2_req_engine engine)
void h2_req_engine_out_consumed ( h2_req_engine engine,
conn_rec c,
apr_off_t  bytes