h2_workers.h File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  h2_workers


typedef struct h2_workers h2_workers


h2_workersh2_workers_create (server_rec *s, apr_pool_t *pool, int min_size, int max_size, int idle_secs)
apr_status_t h2_workers_register (h2_workers *workers, struct h2_mplx *m)
apr_status_t h2_workers_unregister (h2_workers *workers, struct h2_mplx *m)

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct h2_workers h2_workers

Function Documentation

h2_workers* h2_workers_create ( server_rec s,
apr_pool_t pool,
int  min_size,
int  max_size,
int  idle_secs 
apr_status_t h2_workers_register ( h2_workers workers,
struct h2_mplx m 

Registers a h2_mplx for task scheduling. If this h2_mplx runs out of tasks, it will be automatically be unregistered. Should new tasks arrive, it needs to be registered again.

apr_status_t h2_workers_unregister ( h2_workers workers,
struct h2_mplx m 

Remove a h2_mplx from the worker registry.