mod_dbd.h File Reference

Database Access Extension Module for Apache. More...

#include <httpd.h>
#include <apr_optional.h>
#include <apr_hash.h>
#include <apr_hooks.h>
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Data Structures

struct  dbd_cfg_t
struct  ap_dbd_t


#define DBD_DECLARE(type)   type
#define DBD_DECLARE_NONSTD(type)   type


 DBD_DECLARE_NONSTD (ap_dbd_t *) ap_dbd_open(apr_pool_t *
server_recDBD_DECLARE_NONSTD (void) ap_dbd_close(server_rec *
const char const char *ap_dbd_tap_dbd_open (apr_pool_t *, server_rec *)
void ap_dbd_close (server_rec *, ap_dbd_t *)
ap_dbd_tap_dbd_acquire (request_rec *)
ap_dbd_tap_dbd_cacquire (conn_rec *)
void ap_dbd_prepare (server_rec *, const char *, const char *)
apr_status_t dbd_hook_post_connect (apr_pool_t *, dbd_cfg_t *, ap_dbd_t *)

Detailed Description

Database Access Extension Module for Apache.

Overview of what this is and does: http://www.apache.org/~niq/dbd.html or http://apache.webthing.com/database/