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mod_log_config.h File Reference

Logging Configuration Extension Module for Apache. More...

#include "apr_optional.h"
#include "httpd.h"
#include "scoreboard.h"
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Data Structures

struct  ap_log_handler


typedef const char * ap_log_handler_fn_t (request_rec *r, char *a)
typedef voidap_log_writer_init (apr_pool_t *p, server_rec *s, const char *name)
typedef apr_status_t ap_log_writer (request_rec *r, void *handle, const char **portions, int *lengths, int nelts, apr_size_t len)
typedef struct ap_log_handler ap_log_handler


void ap_register_log_handler (apr_pool_t *p, char *tag, ap_log_handler_fn_t *func, int def)
ap_log_writer_initap_log_set_writer_init (ap_log_writer_init *func)
ap_log_writerap_log_set_writer (ap_log_writer *func)

Detailed Description

Logging Configuration Extension Module for Apache.