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Here is a list of all modules:
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oApache HTTP Server
|oCore routines
|oInternal interfaces
|oLoadable modules
|oMulti-Processing Modules
|\Operating System Specific
oApache Portability Runtime library
|oAtomic Operations
|oBase64 Encoding
|oBucket Brigades
|oCommand Argument Parsing
|oCondition Variable Routines
|oCrypto routines
|oDBD routines
|oDBM routines
|oDate routines
|oDynamic Object Handling
|oError Codes
|oEscape functions
|oFile I/O Handling Functions
|oFile Information
|oFilename Matching Functions
|oFunctions for manipulating the environment
|oGeneral Purpose Library Routines
|oGlobal Locking Routines
|oHash Tables
|oHook Functions
|oI18N translation library
|oInternal APR support functions
|oInternal Memory Allocation
|oMD4 Library
|oMD5 Routines
|oMMAP (Memory Map) Routines
|oMemcached Client Routines
|oMemory Pool Functions
|oMiscellaneous library routines
|oNetwork Routines
|oObject permission set functions
|oOptional Functions
|oPlatform Definitions
|oPoll Routines
|oPortability Routines
|oProcess Locking Routines
|oRandom Functions
|oReader/Writer Lock Routines
|oRelocatable Memory Management Routines
|oResource List Routines
|oRing Macro Implementations
|oShared Memory Routines
|oSignal Handling
|oSkip list implementation
|oString matching routines
|oString routines
|oTable and Array Functions
|oThread Mutex Routines
|oThread Pool routines
|oThread Safe FIFO bounded queue
|oThreads and Process Functions
|oTime Routines
|oUUID Handling
|oUser and Group ID Services
oBase64/Base64Url/Base32/Base32Hex/Base16 Encoding
oError Codes
|oAPR_Util Error Values
|\Status Value Tests
oJSON Encoding and Decoding
oJSON Object Signing and Encryption
oLibrary initialization and termination
oRedis Client Routines
\ctype functions