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apr_arch_networkio.h File Reference
#include "apr_private.h"
#include "apr_network_io.h"
#include "apr_general.h"
#include "apr_arch_os2calls.h"
#include "apr_poll.h"
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Data Structures

struct  sock_userdata_t
struct  apr_socket_t


#define SOCBASEERR   10000
#define SOCEPERM   (SOCBASEERR+1) /* Not owner */
#define SOCESRCH   (SOCBASEERR+3) /* No such process */
#define SOCEINTR   (SOCBASEERR+4) /* Interrupted system call */
#define SOCENXIO   (SOCBASEERR+6) /* No such device or address */
#define SOCEBADF   (SOCBASEERR+9) /* Bad file number */
#define SOCEACCES   (SOCBASEERR+13) /* Permission denied */
#define SOCEFAULT   (SOCBASEERR+14) /* Bad address */
#define SOCEINVAL   (SOCBASEERR+22) /* Invalid argument */
#define SOCEMFILE   (SOCBASEERR+24) /* Too many open files */
#define SOCEPIPE   (SOCBASEERR+32) /* Broken pipe */
#define SOCEOS2ERR   (SOCBASEERR+100) /* OS/2 Error */


typedef struct sock_userdata_t sock_userdata_t


const char * apr_inet_ntop (int af, const void *src, char *dst, apr_size_t size)
int apr_inet_pton (int af, const char *src, void *dst)
void apr_sockaddr_vars_set (apr_sockaddr_t *, int, apr_port_t)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define SOCBASEERR   10000
#define SOCEACCES   (SOCBASEERR+13) /* Permission denied */
#define SOCEBADF   (SOCBASEERR+9) /* Bad file number */
#define SOCEFAULT   (SOCBASEERR+14) /* Bad address */
#define SOCEINTR   (SOCBASEERR+4) /* Interrupted system call */
#define SOCEINVAL   (SOCBASEERR+22) /* Invalid argument */
#define SOCEMFILE   (SOCBASEERR+24) /* Too many open files */
#define SOCENXIO   (SOCBASEERR+6) /* No such device or address */
#define SOCEOS2ERR   (SOCBASEERR+100) /* OS/2 Error */
#define SOCEPERM   (SOCBASEERR+1) /* Not owner */
#define SOCEPIPE   (SOCBASEERR+32) /* Broken pipe */
#define SOCESRCH   (SOCBASEERR+3) /* No such process */

Typedef Documentation

Function Documentation

const char* apr_inet_ntop ( int  af,
const void src,
char *  dst,
apr_size_t  size 
int apr_inet_pton ( int  af,
const char *  src,
void dst 
void apr_sockaddr_vars_set ( apr_sockaddr_t ,
int  ,