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ssl_ct_log_config.h File Reference
#include "httpd.h"
#include "mod_ssl_openssl.h"
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Data Structures

struct  ct_log_config


#define TRUSTED   0
#define DISTRUSTED   1


typedef struct ct_log_config ct_log_config


int log_config_readable (apr_pool_t *p, const char *logconfig, const char **msg)
apr_status_t read_config_db (apr_pool_t *p, server_rec *s_main, const char *log_config_fname, apr_array_header_t *log_config)
apr_status_t save_log_config_entry (apr_array_header_t *log_config, apr_pool_t *p, const char *log_id, const char *pubkey_fname, const char *distrusted, const char *min_time, const char *max_time, const char *url)
int log_valid_for_sent_sct (const ct_log_config *l)
int log_valid_for_received_sct (const ct_log_config *l, apr_time_t to_check)
int log_configured_for_fetching_sct (const ct_log_config *l)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define DISTRUSTED   1
#define TRUSTED   0

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct ct_log_config ct_log_config

Function Documentation

int log_config_readable ( apr_pool_t p,
const char *  logconfig,
const char **  msg 
int log_configured_for_fetching_sct ( const ct_log_config l)
int log_valid_for_received_sct ( const ct_log_config l,
apr_time_t  to_check 
int log_valid_for_sent_sct ( const ct_log_config l)
apr_status_t read_config_db ( apr_pool_t p,
server_rec s_main,
const char *  log_config_fname,
apr_array_header_t log_config 
apr_status_t save_log_config_entry ( apr_array_header_t log_config,
apr_pool_t p,
const char *  log_id,
const char *  pubkey_fname,
const char *  distrusted,
const char *  min_time,
const char *  max_time,
const char *  url