ap_dir_match_t Struct Reference

#include <httpd.h>

Data Fields

const char * prefix
const char *(* cb )(ap_dir_match_t *w, const char *fname)
int flags
unsigned int depth

Detailed Description

Concrete structure to provide the state of a directory match.

Field Documentation

const char*(* ap_dir_match_t::cb) (ap_dir_match_t *w, const char *fname)

Callback for each file found that matches the wildcard. Return NULL on success, an error string on error.

void* ap_dir_match_t::ctx

Context for the callback

unsigned int ap_dir_match_t::depth

Recursion depth safety check

int ap_dir_match_t::flags

Flags to indicate whether optional or recursive

apr_pool_t* ap_dir_match_t::p

Pool to use for allocating the result

const char* ap_dir_match_t::prefix

Prefix for log messages

apr_pool_t* ap_dir_match_t::ptemp

Temporary pool used for directory traversal

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