ap_expr_info_t Struct Reference

#include <ap_expr.h>

Collaboration diagram for ap_expr_info_t:

Data Fields

const char * filename
unsigned int line_number
unsigned int flags
int module_index

Detailed Description

Struct describing a parsed expression

Field Documentation

const char* ap_expr_info_t::filename

The filename where the expression has been defined (for logging). May be NULL

unsigned int ap_expr_info_t::flags

Flags relevant for the expression, see AP_EXPR_FLAG_*

unsigned int ap_expr_info_t::line_number

The line number where the expression has been defined (for logging).

int ap_expr_info_t::module_index

The module that is used for loglevel configuration

ap_expr_t* ap_expr_info_t::root_node

The root of the actual expression parse tree

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