ap_expr_lookup_parms Struct Reference

#include <ap_expr.h>

Data Fields

int type
const char * name
int flags
const void ** func
const void ** data
const char ** err
const char * arg

Detailed Description

parameter struct passed to the lookup hook functions

Field Documentation

const char* ap_expr_lookup_parms::arg

arg for pre-parsing (only if a simple string). For binary ops, this is the right argument. For functions with more arguments, this is the first string argument.

const void** ap_expr_lookup_parms::data

where to store the function's context

const char** ap_expr_lookup_parms::err

where to store the error message (if any)

int ap_expr_lookup_parms::flags
const void** ap_expr_lookup_parms::func

where to store the function pointer

const char* ap_expr_lookup_parms::name

name of the looked up object

apr_pool_t* ap_expr_lookup_parms::pool
apr_pool_t* ap_expr_lookup_parms::ptemp
int ap_expr_lookup_parms::type

type of the looked up object

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