cache_info Struct Reference

#include <mod_cache.h>

Collaboration diagram for cache_info:

Data Fields

apr_time_t date
apr_time_t expire
apr_time_t request_time
apr_time_t response_time
int status
cache_control_t control

Field Documentation

cache_control_t cache_info::control
apr_time_t cache_info::date

the original time corresponding to the 'Date:' header of the request served

apr_time_t cache_info::expire

a time when the cached entity is due to expire

apr_time_t cache_info::request_time

r->request_time from the same request

apr_time_t cache_info::response_time

apr_time_now() at the time the entity was actually cached

int cache_info::status

HTTP status code of the cached entity. Though not necessarily the status code finally issued to the request.

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