cache_provider Struct Reference

#include <mod_cache.h>

Data Fields

int(* remove_entity )(cache_handle_t *h)
apr_status_t(* store_headers )(cache_handle_t *h, request_rec *r, cache_info *i)
apr_status_t(* store_body )(cache_handle_t *h, request_rec *r, apr_bucket_brigade *in, apr_bucket_brigade *out)
apr_status_t(* recall_headers )(cache_handle_t *h, request_rec *r)
apr_status_t(* recall_body )(cache_handle_t *h, apr_pool_t *p, apr_bucket_brigade *bb)
int(* create_entity )(cache_handle_t *h, request_rec *r, const char *urlkey, apr_off_t len, apr_bucket_brigade *bb)
int(* open_entity )(cache_handle_t *h, request_rec *r, const char *urlkey)
int(* remove_url )(cache_handle_t *h, request_rec *r)
apr_status_t(* commit_entity )(cache_handle_t *h, request_rec *r)
apr_status_t(* invalidate_entity )(cache_handle_t *h, request_rec *r)

Field Documentation

apr_status_t(* cache_provider::commit_entity) (cache_handle_t *h, request_rec *r)
int(* cache_provider::create_entity) (cache_handle_t *h, request_rec *r, const char *urlkey, apr_off_t len, apr_bucket_brigade *bb)
apr_status_t(* cache_provider::invalidate_entity) (cache_handle_t *h, request_rec *r)
int(* cache_provider::open_entity) (cache_handle_t *h, request_rec *r, const char *urlkey)
apr_status_t(* cache_provider::recall_body) (cache_handle_t *h, apr_pool_t *p, apr_bucket_brigade *bb)
apr_status_t(* cache_provider::recall_headers) (cache_handle_t *h, request_rec *r)
int(* cache_provider::remove_entity) (cache_handle_t *h)
int(* cache_provider::remove_url) (cache_handle_t *h, request_rec *r)
apr_status_t(* cache_provider::store_body) (cache_handle_t *h, request_rec *r, apr_bucket_brigade *in, apr_bucket_brigade *out)
apr_status_t(* cache_provider::store_headers) (cache_handle_t *h, request_rec *r, cache_info *i)

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