cmd_parms_struct Struct Reference

#include <http_config.h>

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Data Fields

int override
int override_opts
ap_method_mask_t limited
char * path
const command_reccmd
struct ap_conf_vector_tcontext
const ap_directive_terr_directive

Detailed Description

This structure is passed to a command which is being invoked, to carry a large variety of miscellaneous data which is all of use to somebody...

Field Documentation

const command_rec* cmd_parms_struct::cmd

configuration command

ap_configfile_t* cmd_parms_struct::config_file

Config file structure.

struct ap_conf_vector_t* cmd_parms_struct::context

per_dir_config vector passed to handle_command

ap_directive_t* cmd_parms_struct::directive

the directive specifying this command

const ap_directive_t* cmd_parms_struct::err_directive

directive with syntax error

void* cmd_parms_struct::info

Argument to command from cmd_table

ap_method_mask_t cmd_parms_struct::limited

Which methods are <Limit>ed

apr_array_header_t* cmd_parms_struct::limited_xmethods

methods which are limited

int cmd_parms_struct::override

Which allow-override bits are set

apr_table_t* cmd_parms_struct::override_list

Table of directives allowed per AllowOverrideList

int cmd_parms_struct::override_opts

Which allow-override-opts bits are set

ap_directive_t* cmd_parms_struct::parent

If the current directive is EXEC_ON_READ, this is the last (non-EXEC_ON_READ) enclosing directive

char* cmd_parms_struct::path

If configuring for a directory, pathname of that directory. NOPE! That's what it meant previous to the existence of <Files>, <Location> and regex matching. Now the only usefulness that can be derived from this field is whether a command is being called in a server context (path == NULL) or being called in a dir context (path != NULL).

apr_pool_t* cmd_parms_struct::pool

Pool to allocate new storage in

server_rec* cmd_parms_struct::server

Server_rec being configured for

apr_pool_t* cmd_parms_struct::temp_pool

Pool for scratch memory; persists during configuration, but wiped before the first request is served...

ap_method_list_t* cmd_parms_struct::xlimited

methods which are xlimited

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