h2_ctx Struct Reference

#include <h2_ctx.h>

Collaboration diagram for h2_ctx:

Data Fields

const char * protocol
struct h2_sessionsession
struct h2_tasktask
const char * hostname
const struct h2_config * config

Detailed Description

The h2 module context associated with a connection.

It keeps track of the different types of connections:

  • those from clients that use HTTP/2 protocol
  • those from clients that do not use HTTP/2
  • those created by ourself to perform work on HTTP/2 streams

Field Documentation

const struct h2_config* h2_ctx::config
const char* h2_ctx::hostname
const char* h2_ctx::protocol
server_rec* h2_ctx::server
struct h2_session* h2_ctx::session
struct h2_task* h2_ctx::task

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