h2_task Struct Reference

#include <h2_task.h>

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Data Fields

const char * id
int stream_id
const struct h2_requestrequest
apr_interval_time_t timeout
int rst_error
struct {
   struct h2_bucket_beam *   beam
   unsigned int   eos: 1
   apr_bucket_brigade *   bb
   apr_bucket_brigade *   bbchunk
   apr_off_t   chunked_total
struct {
   struct h2_bucket_beam *   beam
   unsigned int   opened: 1
   unsigned int   sent_response: 1
   unsigned int   copy_files: 1
   unsigned int   buffered: 1
   struct h2_response_parser *   rparser
   apr_bucket_brigade *   bb
   apr_size_t   max_buffer
struct h2_mplxmplx
unsigned int filters_set: 1
unsigned int worker_started: 1
unsigned int redo: 1
int worker_done
int done_done
apr_time_t started_at
apr_time_t done_at

Field Documentation

apr_bucket_brigade* h2_task::bb
apr_bucket_brigade* h2_task::bbchunk
struct h2_bucket_beam* h2_task::beam
unsigned int h2_task::buffered
conn_rec* h2_task::c
apr_off_t h2_task::chunked_total
unsigned int h2_task::copy_files
apr_time_t h2_task::done_at
int h2_task::done_done
apr_bucket* h2_task::eor
unsigned int h2_task::eos
unsigned int h2_task::filters_set
const char* h2_task::id
struct { ... } h2_task::input
apr_size_t h2_task::max_buffer
struct h2_mplx* h2_task::mplx
unsigned int h2_task::opened
struct { ... } h2_task::output
apr_pool_t* h2_task::pool
unsigned int h2_task::redo
const struct h2_request* h2_task::request
struct h2_response_parser* h2_task::rparser
int h2_task::rst_error
unsigned int h2_task::sent_response
apr_time_t h2_task::started_at
int h2_task::stream_id
apr_interval_time_t h2_task::timeout
int h2_task::worker_done
unsigned int h2_task::worker_started

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