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h2_workers Struct Reference

#include <h2_workers.h>

Collaboration diagram for h2_workers:

Data Fields

int next_worker_id
apr_uint32_t min_workers
apr_uint32_t max_workers
int max_idle_secs
int aborted
int dynamic
int nslots
struct h2_slot * slots
volatile apr_uint32_t worker_count
struct h2_slot * free
struct h2_slot * idle
struct h2_slot * zombies
struct h2_fifomplxs
struct apr_thread_mutex_tlock

Field Documentation

int h2_workers::aborted
int h2_workers::dynamic
struct h2_slot* h2_workers::free
struct h2_slot* h2_workers::idle
struct apr_thread_mutex_t* h2_workers::lock
int h2_workers::max_idle_secs
apr_uint32_t h2_workers::max_workers
apr_uint32_t h2_workers::min_workers
struct h2_fifo* h2_workers::mplxs
int h2_workers::next_worker_id
int h2_workers::nslots
apr_pool_t* h2_workers::pool
server_rec* h2_workers::s
struct h2_slot* h2_workers::slots
apr_threadattr_t* h2_workers::thread_attr
volatile apr_uint32_t h2_workers::worker_count
struct h2_slot* h2_workers::zombies

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