md_job_t Struct Reference

#include <md_status.h>

Collaboration diagram for md_job_t:

Data Fields

md_store_group_t group
const char * mdomain
apr_time_t next_run
apr_time_t last_run
struct md_result_tlast_result
int finished
int notified
int notified_renewed
apr_time_t valid_from
int error_runs
int fatal_error
apr_size_t max_log
int dirty
struct md_result_tobserving

Field Documentation

int md_job_t::dirty
int md_job_t::error_runs
int md_job_t::fatal_error
int md_job_t::finished
md_store_group_t md_job_t::group
struct md_result_t* md_job_t::last_result
apr_time_t md_job_t::last_run
md_json_t* md_job_t::log
apr_size_t md_job_t::max_log
const char* md_job_t::mdomain
apr_time_t md_job_t::next_run
int md_job_t::notified
int md_job_t::notified_renewed
struct md_result_t* md_job_t::observing
apr_pool_t* md_job_t::p
md_store_t* md_job_t::store
apr_time_t md_job_t::valid_from

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