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md_proto_driver_t Struct Reference

#include <md_reg.h>

Collaboration diagram for md_proto_driver_t:

Data Fields

const md_proto_tproto
struct apr_table_tenv
const char * proxy_url
const md_tmd
int can_http
int can_https
int reset
apr_interval_time_t activation_delay

Detailed Description

Operating environment for a protocol driver. This is valid only for the duration of one run (init + renew, init + preload).

Field Documentation

apr_interval_time_t md_proto_driver_t::activation_delay
void* md_proto_driver_t::baton
int md_proto_driver_t::can_http
int md_proto_driver_t::can_https
struct apr_table_t* md_proto_driver_t::env
const md_t* md_proto_driver_t::md
apr_pool_t* md_proto_driver_t::p
const md_proto_t* md_proto_driver_t::proto
const char* md_proto_driver_t::proxy_url
md_reg_t* md_proto_driver_t::reg
int md_proto_driver_t::reset
md_store_t* md_proto_driver_t::store

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