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proxy_dir_conf Struct Reference

#include <mod_proxy.h>

Collaboration diagram for proxy_dir_conf:

Data Fields

const char * p
signed char p_is_fnmatch
signed char interpolate_env
struct proxy_aliasalias
unsigned int error_override:1
unsigned int preserve_host:1
unsigned int preserve_host_set:1
unsigned int error_override_set:1
unsigned int alias_set:1
unsigned int add_forwarded_headers:1
unsigned int add_forwarded_headers_set:1
unsigned int forward_100_continue:1
unsigned int forward_100_continue_set:1

Field Documentation

unsigned int proxy_dir_conf::add_forwarded_headers
unsigned int proxy_dir_conf::add_forwarded_headers_set
struct proxy_alias* proxy_dir_conf::alias
unsigned int proxy_dir_conf::alias_set
apr_array_header_t* proxy_dir_conf::cookie_domains
apr_array_header_t* proxy_dir_conf::cookie_paths
unsigned int proxy_dir_conf::error_override

the following setting masks the error page returned from the 'proxied server' and just forwards the status code upwards. This allows the main server (us) to generate the error page, (so it will look like a error returned from the rest of the system

unsigned int proxy_dir_conf::error_override_set
unsigned int proxy_dir_conf::forward_100_continue
unsigned int proxy_dir_conf::forward_100_continue_set
signed char proxy_dir_conf::interpolate_env
const char* proxy_dir_conf::p
signed char proxy_dir_conf::p_is_fnmatch
unsigned int proxy_dir_conf::preserve_host
unsigned int proxy_dir_conf::preserve_host_set
ap_regex_t* proxy_dir_conf::r
apr_array_header_t* proxy_dir_conf::raliases
apr_array_header_t* proxy_dir_conf::refs

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