sct_fields_t Struct Reference

#include <ssl_ct_sct.h>

Data Fields

unsigned char version
unsigned char logid [LOG_ID_SIZE]
apr_uint64_t timestamp
apr_time_t time
char timestr [APR_RFC822_DATE_LEN]
const unsigned char * extensions
apr_uint16_t extlen
unsigned char hash_alg
unsigned char sig_alg
apr_uint16_t siglen
const unsigned char * sig
const unsigned char * signed_data
apr_size_t signed_data_len

Field Documentation

const unsigned char* sct_fields_t::extensions
apr_uint16_t sct_fields_t::extlen
unsigned char sct_fields_t::hash_alg
unsigned char sct_fields_t::logid[LOG_ID_SIZE]
const unsigned char* sct_fields_t::sig
unsigned char sct_fields_t::sig_alg
apr_uint16_t sct_fields_t::siglen
const unsigned char* sct_fields_t::signed_data
apr_size_t sct_fields_t::signed_data_len
apr_time_t sct_fields_t::time
apr_uint64_t sct_fields_t::timestamp
char sct_fields_t::timestr[APR_RFC822_DATE_LEN]
unsigned char sct_fields_t::version

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