server_rec Struct Reference

A structure to store information for each virtual server. More...

#include <httpd.h>

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Data Fields

char * error_fname
struct ap_logconf log
struct ap_errorlog_providererrorlog_provider
struct ap_conf_vector_tmodule_config
struct ap_conf_vector_tlookup_defaults
const char * defn_name
unsigned defn_line_number
char is_virtual
apr_port_t port
const char * server_scheme
char * server_admin
char * server_hostname
apr_interval_time_t timeout
apr_interval_time_t keep_alive_timeout
int keep_alive_max
int keep_alive
const char * path
int pathlen
int limit_req_line
int limit_req_fieldsize
int limit_req_fields
unsigned int keep_alive_timeout_set:1

Detailed Description

A structure to store information for each virtual server.

Field Documentation

server_addr_rec* server_rec::addrs

I haven't got a clue

void* server_rec::context

Opaque storage location

unsigned server_rec::defn_line_number

The line of the config file that the server was defined on

const char* server_rec::defn_name

The path to the config file that the server was defined in

char* server_rec::error_fname

The name of the error log

apr_file_t* server_rec::error_log

A file descriptor that references the error log

struct ap_errorlog_provider* server_rec::errorlog_provider

External error log writer provider

void* server_rec::errorlog_provider_handle

Handle to be passed to external log provider's logging method

char server_rec::is_virtual

true if this is the virtual server

int server_rec::keep_alive

Use persistent connections?

int server_rec::keep_alive_max

Maximum requests per connection

apr_interval_time_t server_rec::keep_alive_timeout

The apr interval we will wait for another request

unsigned int server_rec::keep_alive_timeout_set

Whether the keepalive timeout is explicit (1) or inherited (0) from the base server (either first server on the same IP:port or main server)

int server_rec::limit_req_fields

limit on number of request header fields

int server_rec::limit_req_fieldsize

limit on size of any request header field

int server_rec::limit_req_line

limit on size of the HTTP request line

struct ap_logconf server_rec::log

The log level configuration

struct ap_conf_vector_t* server_rec::lookup_defaults

MIME type info, etc., before we start checking per-directory info

struct ap_conf_vector_t* server_rec::module_config

Config vector containing pointers to modules' per-server config structures.

apr_array_header_t* server_rec::names

Normal names for ServerAlias servers

server_rec* server_rec::next

The next server in the list

const char* server_rec::path

Pathname for ServerPath

int server_rec::pathlen

Length of path

apr_port_t server_rec::port

for redirects, etc.

process_rec* server_rec::process

The process this server is running in

char* server_rec::server_admin

The admin's contact information

char* server_rec::server_hostname

The server hostname

const char* server_rec::server_scheme

The server request scheme for redirect responses

apr_interval_time_t server_rec::timeout

Timeout, as an apr interval, before we give up

apr_array_header_t* server_rec::wild_names

Wildcarded names for ServerAlias servers

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