session_rec Struct Reference

#include <mod_session.h>

Collaboration diagram for session_rec:

Data Fields

const char * remote_user
const char * encoded
apr_time_t expiry
long maxage
int dirty
int cached
int written

Detailed Description

A session structure.

At the core of the session is a set of name value pairs making up the session.

The session might be uniquely identified by an anonymous uuid, or a remote_user value, or both.

Field Documentation

int session_rec::cached
int session_rec::dirty
const char* session_rec::encoded
apr_table_t* session_rec::entries
apr_time_t session_rec::expiry
long session_rec::maxage
apr_pool_t* session_rec::pool
const char* session_rec::remote_user
apr_uuid_t* session_rec::uuid
int session_rec::written

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