Interface IModelComparator

All Superinterfaces:
IClusterable, Serializable

public interface IModelComparator
extends IClusterable

Implementations of this interface compare model object. The component is given so that a developer can choose what the previous object is The default implementation for form components is just component.getModelObject(); But developers can choose to keep the last rendered value for that component and compare this value with the newObject. So that it doesn't overwrite values for an object that was changed by another session if the current session didn't touch that specific value.

jcompagner, Jonathan Locke

Field Summary
static IModelComparator ALWAYS_FALSE
          A model comparator that always returns false
Method Summary
 boolean compare(Component component, Object newObject)

Field Detail


static final IModelComparator ALWAYS_FALSE
A model comparator that always returns false

Method Detail


boolean compare(Component component,
                Object newObject)
component - The component which received the new object
newObject - The newObject
True if the previous components object is the same as the newObject.

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