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29 Contributing to this guide (Appendix) - Reference Documentation

Authors: Andrea Del Bene, Martin Grigorov, Carsten Hufe, Christian Kroemer, Daniel Bartl, Paul Borș, Tobias Soloschenko, Joachim Rohde

Version: 6.x

29 Contributing to this guide (Appendix)

You can contribute to this guide by following these steps:
  • The guide uses Grails GDoc to generate the final HTML/PDF so you should consult with its syntax.
  • Clone Apache Wicket's GIT repository site

git clone https://github.com/apache/wicket.git
  • Edit the .gdoc files in wicket/wicket-user-guide/src/docs/guide folder
  • To preview your changes run "mvn clean package -P guide" in the wicket/wicket-user-guide folder (in eclipse use a run configuration)
  • Navigate to wicket/wicket-user-guide/target/guide/6.x and open one of the following files a browser / pdf viewer:
    • index.html (multi page version)
    • guide/single.html (single page version)
    • guide/single.pdf (single page pdf version)
  • Create a ticket in Apache Wicket's JIRA
  • Commit and push the changes to your forked Apacke Wicket's GIT repository and create a pull request on github

Thank you!