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What is this?

The downloads on this page are nightly snapshots, not official releases. That is, they may contain new bugs and regressions from the official release. Not all unit tests were run during this build. On the other hand, they may also contain bug fixes and the latest and greatest features. They may be useful for you, but you use them without the guarantees that come with an official release.

Download Nightly Snapshots.

A new snapshot is automatically generated once a day at 8am UTC. The name of the snapshot contains the date of generation. Each snapshot generates three versions of Apache FOP: a gzipped tar file, a zip file and a jar file. See the section on installation for details. 30 days of download sets will be available.


Install Nightly Snapshots

Apache FOP Nightly Snapshots are lightweight binary packages. They can be installed by untarring or unzipping them in a directory of your choice. They create a directory with the name fop- + date of build.

If you recently downloaded and installed a snapshot, it may be sufficient to download only the jar file fop- + date of build + .jar. Rename it to fop.jar and place it in the build directory of your earlier installation. This works if the versions of the jar files in the lib directory of your earlier installation are still up to date for current Apache FOP. In case of doubt, install a completely new snapshot.

The snapshots do not contain user documentation and java API documentation. For user documentation, see the Apache FOP website, tabs ‘Home’ and ‘FOP Trunk’. In order to obtain java API documentation, you must checkout the latest Apache FOP code from the Subversion repository and build Apache FOP as documented on the web site.

Like Apache FOP's binary release files, these snapshots do not contain hyphenation patterns. Download and install them as documented on the Apache FOP website.

For more information about Apache FOP, please consult the README file in the distribution or the Apache FOP website.

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