apr_arch_os2calls.h File Reference
#include "apr_errno.h"
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <sys/socket.h>
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#define socket   apr_os2_socket
#define select   apr_os2_select
#define sock_errno   apr_os2_sock_errno
#define accept   apr_os2_accept
#define bind   apr_os2_bind
#define connect   apr_os2_connect
#define getpeername   apr_os2_getpeername
#define getsockname   apr_os2_getsockname
#define getsockopt   apr_os2_getsockopt
#define ioctl   apr_os2_ioctl
#define listen   apr_os2_listen
#define recv   apr_os2_recv
#define send   apr_os2_send
#define setsockopt   apr_os2_setsockopt
#define shutdown   apr_os2_shutdown
#define soclose   apr_os2_soclose
#define writev   apr_os2_writev
#define sendto   apr_os2_sendto
#define recvfrom   apr_os2_recvfrom


int(* apr_os2_socket )(int, int, int)
int(* apr_os2_select )(int *, int, int, int, long)
int(* apr_os2_sock_errno )()
int(* apr_os2_accept )(int, struct sockaddr *, int *)
int(* apr_os2_bind )(int, struct sockaddr *, int)
int(* apr_os2_connect )(int, struct sockaddr *, int)
int(* apr_os2_getpeername )(int, struct sockaddr *, int *)
int(* apr_os2_getsockname )(int, struct sockaddr *, int *)
int(* apr_os2_getsockopt )(int, int, int, char *, int *)
int(* apr_os2_ioctl )(int, int, caddr_t, int)
int(* apr_os2_listen )(int, int)
int(* apr_os2_recv )(int, char *, int, int)
int(* apr_os2_send )(int, const char *, int, int)
int(* apr_os2_setsockopt )(int, int, int, char *, int)
int(* apr_os2_shutdown )(int, int)
int(* apr_os2_soclose )(int)
int(* apr_os2_writev )(int, struct iovec *, int)
int(* apr_os2_sendto )(int, const char *, int, int, const struct sockaddr *, int)
int(* apr_os2_recvfrom )(int, char *, int, int, struct sockaddr *, int *)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define accept   apr_os2_accept
#define bind   apr_os2_bind
#define connect   apr_os2_connect
#define getpeername   apr_os2_getpeername
#define getsockname   apr_os2_getsockname
#define getsockopt   apr_os2_getsockopt
#define ioctl   apr_os2_ioctl
#define listen   apr_os2_listen
#define recv   apr_os2_recv
#define recvfrom   apr_os2_recvfrom
#define select   apr_os2_select
#define send   apr_os2_send
#define sendto   apr_os2_sendto
#define setsockopt   apr_os2_setsockopt
#define shutdown   apr_os2_shutdown
#define sock_errno   apr_os2_sock_errno
#define socket   apr_os2_socket
#define soclose   apr_os2_soclose
#define writev   apr_os2_writev

Variable Documentation

int(* apr_os2_accept) (int, struct sockaddr *, int *)
int(* apr_os2_bind) (int, struct sockaddr *, int)
int(* apr_os2_connect) (int, struct sockaddr *, int)
int(* apr_os2_getpeername) (int, struct sockaddr *, int *)
int(* apr_os2_getsockname) (int, struct sockaddr *, int *)
int(* apr_os2_getsockopt) (int, int, int, char *, int *)
int(* apr_os2_ioctl) (int, int, caddr_t, int)
int(* apr_os2_listen) (int, int)
int(* apr_os2_recv) (int, char *, int, int)
int(* apr_os2_recvfrom) (int, char *, int, int, struct sockaddr *, int *)
int(* apr_os2_select) (int *, int, int, int, long)
int(* apr_os2_send) (int, const char *, int, int)
int(* apr_os2_sendto) (int, const char *, int, int, const struct sockaddr *, int)
int(* apr_os2_setsockopt) (int, int, int, char *, int)
int(* apr_os2_shutdown) (int, int)
int(* apr_os2_sock_errno) ()
int(* apr_os2_socket) (int, int, int)
int(* apr_os2_soclose) (int)
int(* apr_os2_writev) (int, struct iovec *, int)