libsed.h File Reference
#include <limits.h>
#include "apr_file_io.h"
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Data Structures

struct  sed_reptr_s
struct  sed_label_s
struct  sed_commands_s
struct  sed_eval_s


#define SED_NLINES   256
#define SED_DEPTH   20
#define SED_LABSIZE   50
#define SED_ABUFSIZE   20
#define NWFILES   11 /* 10 plus one for standard output */


typedef struct sed_reptr_s sed_reptr_t
typedef struct sed_label_s sed_label_t
typedef apr_status_tsed_err_fn_t) (void *data, const char *error)
typedef apr_status_tsed_write_fn_t) (void *ctx, char *buf, int sz)
typedef struct sed_commands_s sed_commands_t
typedef struct sed_eval_s sed_eval_t


apr_status_t sed_init_commands (sed_commands_t *commands, sed_err_fn_t *errfn, void *data, apr_pool_t *p)
apr_status_t sed_compile_string (sed_commands_t *commands, const char *s)
apr_status_t sed_compile_file (sed_commands_t *commands, apr_file_t *fin)
char * sed_get_finalize_error (const sed_commands_t *commands, apr_pool_t *pool)
int sed_canbe_finalized (const sed_commands_t *commands)
void sed_destroy_commands (sed_commands_t *commands)
apr_status_t sed_init_eval (sed_eval_t *eval, sed_commands_t *commands, sed_err_fn_t *errfn, void *data, sed_write_fn_t *writefn, apr_pool_t *p)
apr_status_t sed_reset_eval (sed_eval_t *eval, sed_commands_t *commands, sed_err_fn_t *errfn, void *data)
apr_status_t sed_eval_buffer (sed_eval_t *eval, const char *buf, int bufsz, void *fout)
apr_status_t sed_eval_file (sed_eval_t *eval, apr_file_t *fin, void *fout)
apr_status_t sed_finalize_eval (sed_eval_t *eval, void *f)
void sed_destroy_eval (sed_eval_t *eval)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define NWFILES   11 /* 10 plus one for standard output */
#define SED_ABUFSIZE   20
#define SED_DEPTH   20
#define SED_LABSIZE   50
#define SED_NLINES   256

Typedef Documentation

typedef apr_status_t( sed_err_fn_t) (void *data, const char *error)
typedef struct sed_eval_s sed_eval_t
typedef struct sed_label_s sed_label_t
typedef struct sed_reptr_s sed_reptr_t
typedef apr_status_t( sed_write_fn_t) (void *ctx, char *buf, int sz)

Function Documentation

int sed_canbe_finalized ( const sed_commands_t commands)
apr_status_t sed_compile_file ( sed_commands_t commands,
apr_file_t fin 
apr_status_t sed_compile_string ( sed_commands_t commands,
const char *  s 
void sed_destroy_commands ( sed_commands_t commands)
void sed_destroy_eval ( sed_eval_t eval)
apr_status_t sed_eval_buffer ( sed_eval_t eval,
const char *  buf,
int  bufsz,
void fout 
apr_status_t sed_eval_file ( sed_eval_t eval,
apr_file_t fin,
void fout 
apr_status_t sed_finalize_eval ( sed_eval_t eval,
void f 
char* sed_get_finalize_error ( const sed_commands_t commands,
apr_pool_t pool 
apr_status_t sed_init_commands ( sed_commands_t commands,
sed_err_fn_t errfn,
void data,
apr_pool_t p 
apr_status_t sed_init_eval ( sed_eval_t eval,
sed_commands_t commands,
sed_err_fn_t errfn,
void data,
sed_write_fn_t writefn,
apr_pool_t p 
apr_status_t sed_reset_eval ( sed_eval_t eval,
sed_commands_t commands,
sed_err_fn_t errfn,
void data