md_time.h File Reference
#include <stdio.h>
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Data Structures

struct  md_timeperiod_t
struct  md_timeslice_t


#define MD_SECS_PER_HOUR   (60*60)


typedef struct md_timeperiod_t md_timeperiod_t


apr_time_t md_timeperiod_length (const md_timeperiod_t *period)
int md_timeperiod_contains (const md_timeperiod_t *period, apr_time_t time)
int md_timeperiod_has_started (const md_timeperiod_t *period, apr_time_t time)
int md_timeperiod_has_ended (const md_timeperiod_t *period, apr_time_t time)
apr_interval_time_t md_timeperiod_remaining (const md_timeperiod_t *period, apr_time_t time)
md_timeperiod_t md_timeperiod_common (const md_timeperiod_t *a, const md_timeperiod_t *b)
char * md_timeperiod_print (apr_pool_t *p, const md_timeperiod_t *period)
const char * md_duration_print (apr_pool_t *p, apr_interval_time_t duration)
const char * md_duration_roughly (apr_pool_t *p, apr_interval_time_t duration)
apr_status_t md_duration_parse (apr_interval_time_t *ptimeout, const char *value, const char *def_unit)
const char * md_duration_format (apr_pool_t *p, apr_interval_time_t duration)
apr_status_t md_timeslice_create (md_timeslice_t **pts, apr_pool_t *p, apr_interval_time_t norm, apr_interval_time_t len)
int md_timeslice_eq (const md_timeslice_t *ts1, const md_timeslice_t *ts2)
const char * md_timeslice_parse (md_timeslice_t **pts, apr_pool_t *p, const char *val, apr_interval_time_t defnorm)
const char * md_timeslice_format (const md_timeslice_t *ts, apr_pool_t *p)
md_timeperiod_t md_timeperiod_slice_before_end (const md_timeperiod_t *period, const md_timeslice_t *ts)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define MD_SECS_PER_HOUR   (60*60)

Typedef Documentation

Function Documentation

const char* md_duration_format ( apr_pool_t p,
apr_interval_time_t  duration 
apr_status_t md_duration_parse ( apr_interval_time_t ptimeout,
const char *  value,
const char *  def_unit 

Parse a machine readable string duration in the form of NN[unit], where unit is d/h/mi/s/ms with the default given should the unit not be specified.

const char* md_duration_print ( apr_pool_t p,
apr_interval_time_t  duration 

Print a human readable form of the give duration in days/hours/min/sec

const char* md_duration_roughly ( apr_pool_t p,
apr_interval_time_t  duration 
md_timeperiod_t md_timeperiod_common ( const md_timeperiod_t a,
const md_timeperiod_t b 

Return the timeperiod common between a and b. If both do not overlap, return {0,0}.

int md_timeperiod_contains ( const md_timeperiod_t period,
apr_time_t  time 
int md_timeperiod_has_ended ( const md_timeperiod_t period,
apr_time_t  time 
int md_timeperiod_has_started ( const md_timeperiod_t period,
apr_time_t  time 
apr_time_t md_timeperiod_length ( const md_timeperiod_t period)
char* md_timeperiod_print ( apr_pool_t p,
const md_timeperiod_t period 
apr_interval_time_t md_timeperiod_remaining ( const md_timeperiod_t period,
apr_time_t  time 
md_timeperiod_t md_timeperiod_slice_before_end ( const md_timeperiod_t period,
const md_timeslice_t ts 
apr_status_t md_timeslice_create ( md_timeslice_t **  pts,
apr_pool_t p,
apr_interval_time_t  norm,
apr_interval_time_t  len 
int md_timeslice_eq ( const md_timeslice_t ts1,
const md_timeslice_t ts2 
const char* md_timeslice_format ( const md_timeslice_t ts,
apr_pool_t p 
const char* md_timeslice_parse ( md_timeslice_t **  pts,
apr_pool_t p,
const char *  val,
apr_interval_time_t  defnorm