mod_md.h File Reference
#include <openssl/evp.h>
#include <openssl/x509v3.h>
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int md_is_managed (struct server_rec *)
apr_status_t md_get_certificate (struct server_rec *, apr_pool_t *, const char **pkeyfile, const char **pcertfile)
int md_is_challenge (struct conn_rec *, const char *, X509 **pcert, EVP_PKEY **pkey)
apr_status_t md_answer_challenges (conn_rec *c, const char *servername, apr_array_header_t *certs, apr_array_header_t *pkeys)

Function Documentation

apr_status_t md_answer_challenges ( conn_rec c,
const char *  servername,
apr_array_header_t certs,
apr_array_header_t pkeys 
apr_status_t md_get_certificate ( struct server_rec ,
apr_pool_t ,
const char **  pkeyfile,
const char **  pcertfile 

Get the certificate/key for the managed domain (md_is_managed != 0).

APR_EAGAIN if the real certificate is not available yet
int md_is_challenge ( struct conn_rec ,
const char *  ,
X509 **  pcert,
EVP_PKEY **  pkey 
int md_is_managed ( struct server_rec )