cache_control Struct Reference

#include <cache_common.h>

Data Fields

unsigned int parsed:1
unsigned int cache_control:1
unsigned int pragma:1
unsigned int no_cache:1
unsigned int no_cache_header:1
unsigned int no_store:1
unsigned int max_age:1
unsigned int max_stale:1
unsigned int min_fresh:1
unsigned int no_transform:1
unsigned int only_if_cached:1

Field Documentation

unsigned int cache_control::cache_control
unsigned int cache_control::max_age
unsigned int cache_control::max_stale
unsigned int cache_control::min_fresh
unsigned int cache_control::no_cache
unsigned int cache_control::no_cache_header
unsigned int cache_control::no_store
unsigned int cache_control::no_transform
unsigned int cache_control::only_if_cached
unsigned int cache_control::parsed
unsigned int cache_control::pragma

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