md_acme_t Struct Reference

#include <md_acme.h>

Collaboration diagram for md_acme_t:

Data Fields

const char * url
const char * sname
const char * user_agent
const char * proxy_url
const char * ca_file
const char * acct_id
struct md_acme_acct_tacct
struct md_pkey_tacct_key
int version
union {
   struct {
      const char *   new_authz
      const char *   new_cert
      const char *   new_reg
      const char *   revoke_cert
   }   v1
   struct {
      const char *   new_account
      const char *   new_order
      const char *   key_change
      const char *   revoke_cert
      const char *   new_nonce
   }   v2
const char * ca_agreement
const char * acct_name
struct md_http_thttp
const char * nonce
int max_retries
struct md_result_tlast

Field Documentation

struct md_acme_acct_t* md_acme_t::acct
const char* md_acme_t::acct_id
struct md_pkey_t* md_acme_t::acct_key
const char* md_acme_t::acct_name
union { ... } md_acme_t::api
const char* md_acme_t::ca_agreement
const char* md_acme_t::ca_file
struct md_http_t* md_acme_t::http
const char* md_acme_t::key_change
struct md_result_t* md_acme_t::last
int md_acme_t::max_retries
const char* md_acme_t::new_account
const char* md_acme_t::new_authz
const char* md_acme_t::new_cert
const char* md_acme_t::new_nonce
md_acme_new_nonce_fn* md_acme_t::new_nonce_fn
const char* md_acme_t::new_order
const char* md_acme_t::new_reg
const char* md_acme_t::nonce
apr_pool_t* md_acme_t::p
md_acme_post_fn* md_acme_t::post_new_account_fn
const char* md_acme_t::proxy_url
md_acme_req_init_fn* md_acme_t::req_init_fn
const char* md_acme_t::revoke_cert
const char* md_acme_t::sname
const char* md_acme_t::url
const char* md_acme_t::user_agent
struct { ... } md_acme_t::v1
struct { ... } md_acme_t::v2
int md_acme_t::version

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