md_t Struct Reference

#include <md.h>

Collaboration diagram for md_t:

Data Fields

const char * name
struct apr_array_header_tdomains
struct apr_array_header_tcontacts
int transitive
md_require_t require_https
int renew_mode
struct md_pkeys_spec_tpks
int must_staple
const char * ca_url
const char * ca_proto
const char * ca_account
const char * ca_agreement
struct apr_array_header_tca_challenges
struct apr_array_header_tcert_files
struct apr_array_header_tpkey_files
md_state_t state
struct apr_array_header_tacme_tls_1_domains
int stapling
int watched
const struct md_srv_conf_tsc
const char * defn_name
unsigned defn_line_number
const char * configured_name

Field Documentation

struct apr_array_header_t* md_t::acme_tls_1_domains
const char* md_t::ca_account
const char* md_t::ca_agreement
struct apr_array_header_t* md_t::ca_challenges
const char* md_t::ca_proto
const char* md_t::ca_url
struct apr_array_header_t* md_t::cert_files
const char* md_t::configured_name
struct apr_array_header_t* md_t::contacts
unsigned md_t::defn_line_number
const char* md_t::defn_name
struct apr_array_header_t* md_t::domains
int md_t::must_staple
const char* md_t::name
struct apr_array_header_t* md_t::pkey_files
struct md_pkeys_spec_t* md_t::pks
int md_t::renew_mode
md_timeslice_t* md_t::renew_window
md_require_t md_t::require_https
const struct md_srv_conf_t* md_t::sc
int md_t::stapling
md_state_t md_t::state
int md_t::transitive
md_timeslice_t* md_t::warn_window
int md_t::watched

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