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worker_score Struct Reference

#include <scoreboard.h>

Data Fields

apr_os_thread_t tid
int thread_num
pid_t pid
ap_generation_t generation
unsigned char status
unsigned short conn_count
apr_off_t conn_bytes
unsigned long access_count
apr_off_t bytes_served
unsigned long my_access_count
apr_off_t my_bytes_served
apr_time_t start_time
apr_time_t stop_time
apr_time_t last_used
struct tms times
char client [32]
char request [64]
char vhost [32]
char protocol [16]
char client64 [64]
apr_time_t duration

Field Documentation

unsigned long worker_score::access_count
apr_off_t worker_score::bytes_served
char worker_score::client[32]
char worker_score::client64[64]
apr_off_t worker_score::conn_bytes
unsigned short worker_score::conn_count
apr_time_t worker_score::duration
ap_generation_t worker_score::generation
apr_time_t worker_score::last_used
unsigned long worker_score::my_access_count
apr_off_t worker_score::my_bytes_served
pid_t worker_score::pid
char worker_score::protocol[16]
char worker_score::request[64]
apr_time_t worker_score::start_time
unsigned char worker_score::status
apr_time_t worker_score::stop_time
int worker_score::thread_num
apr_os_thread_t worker_score::tid
struct tms worker_score::times
char worker_score::vhost[32]

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