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18 #ifndef _LUA_DBD_H_
19 #define _LUA_DBD_H_
21 #include "mod_lua.h"
22 #include "apr.h"
23 #include "apr_dbd.h"
24 #include "mod_dbd.h"
26 #define LUA_DBTYPE_APR_DBD 0
27 #define LUA_DBTYPE_MOD_DBD 1
28 typedef struct
29 {
32  int alive;
34  char type;
39 typedef struct {
41  int rows;
42  int cols;
47 typedef struct {
49  int variables;
53 int lua_db_acquire(lua_State* L);
54 int lua_db_escape(lua_State* L);
55 int lua_db_close(lua_State* L);
56 int lua_db_prepare(lua_State* L);
57 int lua_db_prepared(lua_State* L);
58 int lua_db_select(lua_State* L);
59 int lua_db_query(lua_State* L);
60 int lua_db_prepared_select(lua_State* L);
61 int lua_db_prepared_query(lua_State* L);
62 int lua_db_get_row(lua_State* L);
63 int lua_db_gc(lua_State* L);
64 int lua_db_active(lua_State* L);
66 #endif /* !_LUA_DBD_H_ */
int variables
Definition: lua_dbd.h:49
int lua_db_query(lua_State *L)
int lua_db_prepared_select(lua_State *L)
int lua_db_prepared(lua_State *L)
struct apr_dbd_results_t apr_dbd_results_t
Definition: apr_dbd.h:85
struct apr_dbd_t apr_dbd_t
Definition: apr_dbd.h:83
ap_dbd_t * dbdhandle
Definition: lua_dbd.h:35
APR-UTIL DBD library.
const apr_dbd_driver_t * driver
Definition: lua_dbd.h:31
int cols
Definition: lua_dbd.h:42
apr_pool_t * pool
Definition: lua_dbd.h:33
int lua_db_get_row(lua_State *L)
apr_dbd_t * handle
Definition: lua_dbd.h:30
apr_dbd_prepared_t * statement
Definition: lua_dbd.h:48
int lua_db_close(lua_State *L)
int alive
Definition: lua_dbd.h:32
apr_pool_t * pool
Definition: lua_dbd.h:44
int lua_db_prepared_query(lua_State *L)
apr_dbd_results_t * results
Definition: lua_dbd.h:43
Definition: lua_dbd.h:47
A structure to store information for each virtual server.
Definition: httpd.h:1370
int rows
Definition: lua_dbd.h:41
lua_db_handle * db
Definition: lua_dbd.h:50
APR Platform Definitions.
const apr_dbd_driver_t * driver
Definition: lua_dbd.h:40
Definition: mod_dbd.h:76
int lua_db_escape(lua_State *L)
struct apr_dbd_prepared_t apr_dbd_prepared_t
Definition: apr_dbd.h:87
Definition: apr_dbd_internal.h:43
Definition: lua_dbd.h:28
int lua_db_prepare(lua_State *L)
int lua_db_gc(lua_State *L)
struct apr_pool_t apr_pool_t
Definition: apr_pools.h:60
server_rec * server
Definition: lua_dbd.h:36
int lua_db_active(lua_State *L)
Definition: lua_dbd.h:39
char type
Definition: lua_dbd.h:34
Database Access Extension Module for Apache.
int lua_db_select(lua_State *L)
int lua_db_acquire(lua_State *L)