Structure to store things which are per connection. More...

#include <httpd.h>

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Data Fields

char * client_ip
char * remote_host
char * remote_logname
char * local_ip
char * local_host
long id
struct ap_conf_vector_tconn_config
struct ap_filter_tinput_filters
struct ap_filter_toutput_filters
struct apr_bucket_alloc_tbucket_alloc
unsigned int clogging_input_filters:1
signed int double_reverse:2
unsigned aborted
ap_conn_keepalive_e keepalive
int keepalives
const struct ap_logconflog
const char * log_id
struct ap_filter_conn_ctx * filter_conn_ctx
int async_filter

Detailed Description

Structure to store things which are per connection.

Field Documentation

unsigned conn_rec::aborted

Are we still talking?

int conn_rec::async_filter

The minimum level of filter type to allow setaside buckets

server_rec* conn_rec::base_server

Physical vhost this conn came in on

struct apr_bucket_alloc_t* conn_rec::bucket_alloc

The bucket allocator to use for all bucket/brigade creations

apr_sockaddr_t* conn_rec::client_addr

remote address; this is the end-point of the next hop, for the address of the request creator, see useragent_addr in request_rec

char* conn_rec::client_ip

Client's IP address; this is the end-point of the next hop, for the IP of the request creator, see useragent_ip in request_rec

unsigned int conn_rec::clogging_input_filters

Are there any filters that clogg/buffer the input stream, breaking the event mpm.

struct ap_conf_vector_t* conn_rec::conn_config

Config vector containing pointers to connections per-server config structures.

conn_state_t* conn_rec::cs

The current state of this connection; may be NULL if not used by MPM

void* conn_rec::ctx

context of this connection

apr_thread_t* conn_rec::current_thread

This points to the current thread being used to process this request, over the lifetime of a request, the value may change. Users of the connection record should not rely upon it staying the same between calls that involve the MPM.

signed int conn_rec::double_reverse

have we done double-reverse DNS? -1 yes/failure, 0 not yet, 1 yes/success

struct ap_filter_conn_ctx* conn_rec::filter_conn_ctx

Filters private/opaque context for this connection

long conn_rec::id

ID of this connection; unique at any point in time

struct ap_filter_t* conn_rec::input_filters

A list of input filters to be used for this connection

ap_conn_keepalive_e conn_rec::keepalive

Are we going to keep the connection alive for another request?

See also
int conn_rec::keepalives

How many times have we used it?

apr_sockaddr_t* conn_rec::local_addr

local address

char* conn_rec::local_host

used for ap_get_server_name when UseCanonicalName is set to DNS (ignores setting of HostnameLookups)

char* conn_rec::local_ip

server IP address

const struct ap_logconf* conn_rec::log

Optional connection log level configuration. May point to a server or per_dir config, i.e. must be copied before modifying

const char* conn_rec::log_id

Id to identify this connection in error log. Set when the first error log entry for this connection is generated.

conn_rec* conn_rec::master

The "real" master connection. NULL if I am the master.

apr_table_t* conn_rec::notes

Notes on this connection: send note from one module to another. must remain valid for all requests on this conn

struct ap_filter_t* conn_rec::output_filters

A list of output filters to be used for this connection

apr_pool_t* conn_rec::pool

Pool associated with this connection

char* conn_rec::remote_host

Client's DNS name, if known. NULL if DNS hasn't been checked, "" if it has and no address was found. N.B. Only access this though get_remote_host()

char* conn_rec::remote_logname

Only ever set if doing rfc1413 lookups. N.B. Only access this through get_remote_logname()

apr_array_header_t* conn_rec::requests

Array of requests being handled under this connection.

void* conn_rec::sbh

handle to scoreboard information for this connection

apr_array_header_t* conn_rec::slaves

Array of slave connections (conn_slave_rec *) for this connection.

void* conn_rec::suspended_baton

Context under which this connection was suspended

void* conn_rec::vhost_lookup_data

used by http_vhost.c

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