mod_md_ocsp.h File Reference

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int md_ocsp_init_stapling_status (server_rec *s, apr_pool_t *p, X509 *cert, X509 *issuer)
int md_ocsp_get_stapling_status (unsigned char **pder, int *pderlen, conn_rec *c, server_rec *s, X509 *cert)
apr_status_t md_ocsp_start_watching (struct md_mod_conf_t *mc, server_rec *s, apr_pool_t *p)

Function Documentation

int md_ocsp_get_stapling_status ( unsigned char **  pder,
int pderlen,
conn_rec c,
server_rec s,
X509 *  cert 
int md_ocsp_init_stapling_status ( server_rec s,
apr_pool_t p,
X509 *  cert,
X509 *  issuer 
apr_status_t md_ocsp_start_watching ( struct md_mod_conf_t mc,
server_rec s,
apr_pool_t p 

Start watchdog for retrieving/updating ocsp status.