ap_expr_eval_ctx_t Struct Reference

#include <ap_expr.h>

Collaboration diagram for ap_expr_eval_ctx_t:

Data Fields

const char ** err
const ap_expr_info_tinfo
apr_size_t re_nmatch
const char ** re_source
const char ** vary_this
const char ** result_string
int reclvl

Detailed Description

Context used during evaluation of a parse tree, created by ap_expr_exec

Field Documentation

conn_rec* ap_expr_eval_ctx_t::c

the current connection

void* ap_expr_eval_ctx_t::data

Arbitrary context data provided by the caller for custom functions

const char** ap_expr_eval_ctx_t::err

where to store the error string

const ap_expr_info_t* ap_expr_eval_ctx_t::info

ap_expr_info_t for the expression

apr_pool_t* ap_expr_eval_ctx_t::p

the pool to use

request_rec* ap_expr_eval_ctx_t::r

the current request

apr_size_t ap_expr_eval_ctx_t::re_nmatch

size of the vector pointed to by re_pmatch

ap_regmatch_t* ap_expr_eval_ctx_t::re_pmatch

regex match information for back references

const char** ap_expr_eval_ctx_t::re_source

the string corresponding to the re_pmatch

int ap_expr_eval_ctx_t::reclvl

The current recursion level

const char** ap_expr_eval_ctx_t::result_string

where to store the result string

server_rec* ap_expr_eval_ctx_t::s

the current virtual host

const char** ap_expr_eval_ctx_t::vary_this

A string where the comma separated names of headers are stored to be later added to the Vary: header. If NULL, the caller is not interested in this information.

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